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Something’s are always better in the dark 

I’m an amature at best when it comes to photography.  Even though I have a SLR and a DSLR none of my little babies are a full sensor. (Props if you have one).  Typically I enjoy taking architecture photos, documenting … Continue reading

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Nelly…Is it getting hot in here?

It Mothers day and while I should be spending it with my mom, I am here writing my next post.  Well the post is long overdue, and I will be seeing my mother later today.  I am also getting super … Continue reading

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Do you go with the flow?

Last time you saw some snap snaps aka photos was when I was playing around with depth of field. (What is in focus in a picture, versus what is not) to which I am sure there will be more fun … Continue reading

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To go to the gym…you have to like the gym

So its been a while since I have written, and I am not about to make another empty promise where I say I am going to be a regular blogger.  I guess that is just one my aspirations I have … Continue reading

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Sometimes being shallow is a good thing

Wow, its been one crazy summer!  I am secretly trying to justify the lack of posts on here but really I am just making excuses, but finding time with my new fitness routine, two jobs and then my CMA studies … Continue reading

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