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Running is one of those activities that is both an individual and a group sport and is the sport I love. Growing up I was never really an active person, and I loathed gym, until I discovered running. Originally joining a learn to run clinic at the in Ottawa, I completed their program and ran my 1st 5k. Let me tell you the sense of accomplishment I received from that 1st 5k and my group at the running room was amazing and inspirational. It got me into fitness, both through increased running and then finally into a gym at Goodlife.

Now it is a part of my life and I have several 1/2 marathons under my belt. I like running because, it helps me stay fit, it gets me outside and adds to my general well being. It is something that I can do by myself or as part of a group run, and my competition is myself.

If you’re a runner or learning to run, be proud of the distance you do…everything is an accomplishment, and remember we all started somewhere.


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