Sometimes it’s better in the back 

There is a video on YouTube 

Nature RX
Which I think is hilarious and very true. I absolutely love the outdoors; especially camping. I used to be heavy into camping. Doing the long hikes where you had to carry everything that you needed but for the past couple of years I have been car camping. 

Now there is absolutely nothing with car camping. It gets you outdoors; it’s relaxing; and I thoroughly enjoy it.  However i had the opportunity to do some back woods camping this weekend. 

The type of camping that you have to canoe to your site.

I can say that the trip was well worth the extra work. There is absolutely no one beside you. And the experience is amazing.  

It feels more like camping than car camping and it’s not that much more effort. 

I had so much fun that I think that this is going to be an annual event. Now don’t get me wrong. This was not a one way portage through Algonquin park. It was literally a small canoe trip across a lake to your site. But the quality of the site and the fact that there are no sites beside you that make it more of a camping trip and a connection to nature than the traditional car camping 

Oh yes and it allows you to build amazing fires which, is a favorite past time of mine

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