It’s not that different…….is it?

Its funny when you are thinking about something and then it hits you in the face. Well that just happened to me and I thought I would share it with you. Lets back up a little and give you some background information. Typically what I call lunch is a salad, however my trainer wants me to eat more calories and hit specific nutrition milestones too! Well its not so easy with a salad. So I have been eathing things like chicken/salmon and wild rice with veggies.

Then one day I was eating Salmon and as usual I took off the skin.  I have never been one for fish skin so I threw it out.  That got me thinking…how can I say I don’t like the skin when I have never really tried it.  Also when eating chicken, I love the skin so why is fish different.  This also tied into a conversation my coworkers were having about their children and their picky eating habits.  Its funny how we won’t even try something and assume that we won’t like it.

“The no thank you bite”  That’s one of the solutions my coworkers have for their children.  They aren’t allowed to say they don’t like something until they have at least tried it once.

Just when I thought it was over I came across this article on a blog that I follow talking about all the health benefits of the fish skin, and that most of the Omega 3 fatty acids are located in the skin….Hummmm.   Well I guess the next time I eat fish I am going to have to try the skin and the next time there is something that you haven’t tried before take a bite  before you say no thank you!


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One Response to It’s not that different…….is it?

  1. hungryandfit says:

    Amen to that! Great food motto 🙂

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