What do you mean this is not my house?

I follow several blogs, some of which are fitness, cooking or general. I am still looking for a photography blog to follow, any suggestions?  With regards to the fitness ones there is usually a little segment or rant (lol) on gym etiquette. 

What I haven’t seen or read is one about etiquette in the locker room. (Sorry Girls, this is either going to be hilarious, or disturbing, or maybe even a combo of the two!)

This is where you think you are


and this is where you are


Since my return to the gym I have seen it all, some things I just find strange….

Like the guy at my gym who mixes his shake in the locker room….sounds normal right, but three times a week I question on why he brings the entire container of protein powder with him. I am not talking about a small container either; it is one of those pails with a lid, not the twist off kind.  (10lbs)

I always question the guys who stand naked at the bathroom sink and shaves. Not only I am wondering why your shaving at 6pm, (perhaps you have a dinner to go to) but why are you doing it in the buff, especially when we are given free towels.

I have only seen this once but when I did I almost died. Walking through the change room something caught the corner of my eye….no that can’t be right at all.  And on my return, I was corrected yes I did see this correctly, this man is blow drying his armpit hair….I will leave this alone.

Its funny how after a while being somewhere we get accustomed to it and start to believe we are at home. I guess this is why some of this stuff goes on there.  But as a point of gym etiquette, perhaps it would be best to shower, change and leave. 

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One Response to What do you mean this is not my house?

  1. jessiclick says:

    The naked people in the locker room kill me! On the one hand I’m a prude and am super freaked out by it, and on the other hand I just wish I was that confident to be like “yup, these are my lady bits in all their glory!” Hahaha…

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