Nelly…Is it getting hot in here?

It Mothers day and while I should be spending it with my mom, I am here writing my next post.  Well the post is long overdue, and I will be seeing my mother later today.  I am also getting super excited that its getting nicer outside which will bring more photography posts and more outdoor activities.

Speaking about photography….recently on a trip to Mexico, I was reminded again about temperature!  No I am not saying that I was reminded that we could experience a temperature above 2 degrees…we maybe just a little.  I leading into something that I always forget while I am on vacation.

Ever take your camera out of the bag and the picture you take doesn’t seem right.  Almost that you can see the heat in the photo?  Well you can!  



And you look at the picture after you have taken it, and it doesn’t look all that clear?  So you look at your lens for condensation and there is some but not too much.  (Thats the difference between those two photos)

But wait there is a mirror in your camera, and that mirror is between the body and the lens, that just came from a chilly air conditioned hotel room, to this wonderful hot as blazes respite from the terrible winter in Canada.  Ah crap there must be condensation inside.



Thats better, take off the lens and let the air come to the same temperature.  No more condensation and no more heat in your photo.  (Thats the only difference between the two)

So secretly as I write this, I hope that I never forget this again and equalize the temperature in my Camera when going from a cool place to a hot one.  If so, allot of frustration will be saved.



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