Was that an arrow in my heel?

Best intensions aside it can be hard to adopt a new diet, and it typically begins with some great planning.  If you are like me

1)       You are using myfitnesspal to record your calories*

2)      You start by planning your day and recording your food that you plan on eating

3)      And on paper aka “electronically” all is well in the universe.

*Did you know that if you log onto the myfitnesspal website you can customize your diary?  I’ve added more meals for a total of six (because I eat six times a day) and renamed each meal with a calorie target.  I have also adjusted my goals to reflect a higher protein intake so I can analyze my day better. 


Typically I think I have a well laid out plan

Breakfast: Real oatmeal with berries and cinnamon and a hard boiled egg

Snack: Greek Yogurt with berries

Lunch:  Mixed green salad with a chicken breast

Snack:  Complex Carb salad, like this amazing one from Rachel Ray

Dinner: Varies

Snack: Veggies and dip, popcorn (Air poped), apples ect


All in all it seems good and the plan is going well, and then the arrow hits.  Between my after lunch snack and dinner I make it home and face the pantry.


(This is not my pantry….lol but I wish it was)

 I am a firm believer about cheating, in fact this Valentine’s day is my day.  I am ordering Chinese food and watching House of Cards!  But let’s keep this in check.  It is not cheating if you are doing it each day that is a habit!  I was thinking to myself  that it is a laziness thing.  When I get home, I want a snack, but its not in my master plan.  Really I should cut up some veggies, but instead I find myself in the pantry looking at everything and deciding what I want to eat; which really is nothing in the pantry, but somehow crackers or pretzels get into my mouth.  Why it’s because it is easy.  So I came up with an action plan, when making my lunch aka meals 1-4 last night, I made another veggies and dip.  (PC Blue Menu Yogurt and Blue cheese salad dressing)  That way if I feel like snacking there will be something close by that is not really that bad.  If I don’t eat it, I can use it tomorrow, and make another one just in case to keep the rotation up!


Let’s see how it goes!  And get away from this!


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