Good Form….Smee!

It’s all about form as Captain Hook would yell to Smee “Good form Smee” or vice versa “Bad Form Peter Pan…Bad Form” Oh my am I dating myself, right?

Well onto the good stuff, as you know I have a personal trainer and we are presently working through one of the most important and yet frustrating phases of a training plan………..the foundation phase. This is not my first time to the rodeo, so I have been through this before and I also understand the importance of having the proper foundation/movements down before we move into the real work. That being said, when you get a trainer, or at least when I get one, I get excited and I literally just want to go! Lets get this going, I want to go so hard I can’t walk tomorrow. I guess somehow I feel that’s the only way I am going to see real progress. (Secretly wanting my Aussie Bum/ Indocinno Suit body now!)

But on the other side without proper form, when you really get into the good stuff, you’re not going to be maximizing your results. For example there is a strong possibility that when doing the exercise you won’t be using the proper group of muscles, rather a non related dominant muscle will be doing the work. You may have well been training by yourself.

Good form plays in everything that you do, from working out, sitting, and even running. In Pat Haggart post all running shoes are equal but some running shoes are more equal. Pat discusses his favourite shoe the Nike Free 3.0. I have never been a loyal shoe purchaser always getting whatever brand was on sale that year. However his post I decided I would try them out.


Lets just say I am a convert. These shoes are improving my form! Without really knowing it my previous shoes compensated for the mistakes that I was making, something that these shoes do not. I can feel every mistake I make, I can feel when I am getting tired, and best of all I can correct it! Also I am super excited about how I am now using my legs for running, meaning more definition in my legs. I used them this Sunday for my run and they were amazing; even outside in the snow.


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1 Response to Good Form….Smee!

  1. pathaggart says:

    Really glad you liked the shoe! Happy running!

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