Sometimes it is hard to change your thinking.

Fitness update- I decided to get a personal trainer.  I could say that it was circumstance but most likely deep down I wanted one. 

Let’s go back a while, 7-8 years ago I had a personal trainer and had huge success with him.  I went from 220lbs to 140 lbs with 6% body fat.  Let me tell you I was amazing!

Then I went on vacation, first time down south, where I thought that I would continue working out that week and also eating well.  Well I think we call know what happened after that….I didn’t eat well nor did I work out.  Since then I have been half committed.  I would give the gym a go, do the diet thing but never with the commitment that I previously had.

Biggest lesson is we are never done being healthy.  Sure we can reach the goal that was set out, but don’t make the mistake that I did, where I was I got here, thanks so much now I am awesome.  Trust me all that hard we you did will go down the drain.

Fast forward to now; I am committed to going to the gym and eating well.  The eating thing never has been a problem, I generally eat very well.  So I decided to get a consultation with a personal trainer just to see where I am at.  Now I wasn’t a complete sh*tshow (One of my favourite terms)  and I knew that I was doing some things wrong.  What sold me was my trainer picked up right away what I was doing wrong, and why!  Which means he also knows how to fix it.

Last time I had a trainer for 3 months at 3 times a week, and look at the progress I got.  This time I went for the gusto, 8 months at 3 times a week.  Booyah, I am going to be looking great, feeling great and back to Mr. Awesome in no time!


HOLD UP!  On our last session, we were talking about food and fitness.  Now the food that I was eating is fine, but I am used to a calorie deficient diet, and now he is telling me to eat above my basil metabolic rate.  WHAT!  I want to tone, and lose weight!  Oh wait that was my old goal, and I am not as far gone as I was.  I want to decrease my fat% increase my muscle %, and tone without bulking up too much. 

Well he knows my goals and he is making up my work out routine, so I will do what he is saying….That’s what I am paying for right?  But let’s be honest it can be hard to change your way of thinking.


I will keep you updated.        

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2 Responses to Sometimes it is hard to change your thinking.

  1. Rob Reid says:

    Awesome job Michael! Sounds like a full re-write of eating and exercise habits. Three times a week? Wow! Is he going to incorporate your running as well or is that going on hiatus for the 8 months?

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