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If I could turn back time…….actually I am!

Okay that title is taking a little far. I missed last week’s post; well not really, I am still working on it. Finally I am doing a photography one I promise! I figured if I didn’t this would be more … Continue reading

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Was that an arrow in my heel?

Best intensions aside it can be hard to adopt a new diet, and it typically begins with some great planning.  If you are like me 1)       You are using myfitnesspal to record your calories* 2)      You start by planning your … Continue reading

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Good Form….Smee!

It’s all about form as Captain Hook would yell to Smee “Good form Smee” or vice versa “Bad Form Peter Pan…Bad Form” Oh my am I dating myself, right? Well onto the good stuff, as you know I have a … Continue reading

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Sometimes it is hard to change your thinking.

Fitness update- I decided to get a personal trainer.  I could say that it was circumstance but most likely deep down I wanted one.  Let’s go back a while, 7-8 years ago I had a personal trainer and had huge … Continue reading

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