Battle of the Side…..Would you like fries with that.


A very important part of getting healthy, going to the gym and whatnot is eating well too. Its all good and everything to go to the gym three times or more a week, but if you come home and gorge yourself, really what’s the point. Personally I use Myfitnesspal to track my calories. I really like it, because

1) I can modify the number of meals per day, so I can plan out my six meals
2) I can see a really nice pie chart with (Protein, Carbs and Fat) analysed.
3) It keeps track of nutrients
4) There is a barcode scanner to easily add food
5) Allot of people have used it, so most likely if you’re searching for a food, you will find it in the database.

I think it is important to come within your calorie goal for the day and do it consistently. I also think that it is important to cheat. A previous personal trainer told me to cheat once a week. (Don’t go crazy!) but a little cheating helps you stay on track.

So were going to the gym, were eating healthy…all is good in life until your friend invites you out for dinner! OH NO WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

One thing that I have always wondered is Ceaser Salad worse or better or the same then fries? I have googled this a couple of times and really couldnt get any concise answers. So I decided to look. Let me tell you, it is not that easy to compare. Be weary of nutritional sites they can be tricky. Most of the time you have to add the dressing, as the nutritional information of a ceaser salad doesn’t always include it.

Mostly looking at Canadian Restaurants, I looked at Swiss Chalet, Scores, Milestones, Wendys, McDonlads, and Montana’s. Not all resturants had a side ceaser as an option, however when they did the ceaser was always better with regards to Calories, Fat, and Carbs. Not always with Sodium.

Something interesting was not all fries are equal my friend. Obviously portion plays a role but the calorie count for fries ranged from 360-720. Another interesting thing, was at Fast-food restaurants there wasnt a big difference between the two. A 10 Calorie savings at one, and 160 at the other.

The reason why I chose to compare ceaser vs fries is that, if I were to give up fries, a ceaser would be my choice as a treat. The nice thing is that nutritional information is out there so check it out and make informed decisions when eating at a restaurant.

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