Measurable results

So it’s almost been a year since my last post. So I am going to say this was not much of a success, and though I have been meaning to post things I think that I lacked purpose and I didn’t fully commit.

Which, brings me back to another thought. When I was 24 I made myself a promise. I said that 25 was going to be one of my best years, and it was. I approached every problem with thinking, how was this going to make my life better, and in turn I accomplished allot that year and I truly think it was one of my better ones.

So what happened, I turned 26 and didn’t continue. Not that by any means is my life down the drain, but I want I capture some of the success in that year and replicate it.

One of the things that made 25 easy was that I had goals and goals were measurable, revolving mostly behind my education and career. My goals this time are more personal development and are harder to quantify.

That brings me to this blog. Three things I have wanted to focus one are the three F’s or my three passions. Food, Fitness and (ph)otography. It is my plan to work on these hobbies as personal development and then blog about them. The blog being my manner of quantifying or measuring my success.

I think that it is important to have goals, and that these goals help give us purpose and also better our lives. Wish me luck on my journey.

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